Soup for Sluts
My name is Scarlet I'm 16 and I get really excited about macaroni and cheese. ♡
Posted on 30th Jul at 10:00 AM
3 more days

As soon as I get home I’m gonna talk to my parents for a bit and tell them about all the things I did, but when I have the chance I’ll run upstairs and turn on my phone and call you. Even if you’re busy I just want to hear you pick up and say “hey I’ll call you back in a minute” I swear to god your voice is going to be like music to my ears.

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Things I love about you #19

I like when you just talk to me, and you tell me about the future and you tell me everything is going to be okay, that were going to move in together and live in a nice little house, ride bikes or go for coffee. I love you so much, I want to do all those things with you. 

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Posted on 28th Jul at 10:00 AM
Gray Jay Playlist

This camp is like my second home and we’re always singing songs before we go to sleep and stuff so I wanted to put together a playlist of song that make me feel they way I do when I’m here

Old Pine - Ben Howard
-The wolves - Ben howard
-Your Rocky Spine -The great lake swimmers
-Youth -Daughter
-Bloom -The Paper Kites
-On top of the World -Imagine Dragons
- life in color -one republic
-Love runs out -One Republic
-The wolves and Ravens -Rogue Valley
-Step out -José González
-Dirty paws -Of monsters and men
-#9 dream -José González 
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If any of my letters haven’t gotten to you yet I’m sorry :( postal service is so slow… I promise I’m still always thinking about you, i’ll be home in 5 more days. I can’t wait to hug you and kiss you and tell you all about what I did. 

I miss you

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Posted on 26th Jul at 10:00 AM
Things I love about you #18

i like when you talk about the future. Like traveling and going to disneyland, buying fast cars and jumping off cliffs. I guess its nice to find someone who day dreams the same way I do

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Things I love about you #17




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Things I love about you #16

Even though you’re approximately 1 000 000 degrees celsius, sleeping with you in my bed is still my favourite thing. I always get weird dreams and I wake up and for some reason I always think I’m alone but then I feel you right next to me and I’m just instantly calm

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Posted on 23rd Jul at 10:00 AM
A daily reminder!

That I never stop thinking about and I miss you more than I can comprehend…

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Things I love about #15

You know how to just have a good ass time, people are just drawn to you because you just fill the whole room with good vibes. I love you when you’re drunk, because you talk… a lot, and all I can do is laugh because it’s just hilarious! I remember at catalina when we were laying on the floor and you were talking about bringing me to california, and I’m not quite sure but that might have been the moment that I knew you were the one for me

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With you…

I want to:

-Ride roller coasters

-Get drunk just you and me

-Run around disneyland and midnight and make out on the pirates of the Caribbean ride

-Kiss you on top of a mountain

-Or in the rain

-Lie in bed with you all day

-Go on adventures

-Have awesome sex

-Look at the stars

-Watch bad movies

-Watch good movies

-Watch sad movies

-Rent an apartment

-Move to Montreal

-Get a cute little pug and give it a ridiculous name and cuddle it forever

-Hold you

-Kiss your cheek

-Lay on your chest

-Eat donuts

-Swim in a beautiful blue ocean

-Travel the world

-Take lots of selfies even though you dont like too

-Make you waffles

-Be held

-Have you lay on my stomach

-Go to In n’ Out burger

-Drive down the pacific coast highway

-Go to rodeo drive and pretend we can afford to buy shit

-Slow dance

-Kiss you everywhere

-Tell you bad jokes

-Love you endlessly 

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